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ROLES: Lead Audio Developer, Composer

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2019 - 2021

    Beasts of Maravilla Island is a 3D puzzle-adventure game developed by Banana Bird Studios and published by Whitethorn Games. Players assume the role of Marina Montez, a young aspiring photographer exploring the forgotten island of Maravilla Island. Marina must photograph and document the magical wildlife that live throughout the island, and uncover the truth behind her Grandfather's relationship with Maravilla.

    The game features an ambitious auditory experience that is designed to intertwine itself within gameplay. Utilizing the FMOD Audio Middleware, players will experience a dynamic and enriching soundscape, along with a full original soundtrack, that compliments the game's vast and captivating world. 


Key Development Features:

  • Led a team of 2 other audio developers amongst a team of over 40 talented developers.

  • Composed an entire original soundtrack alongside an additional composer.

  • Collaborated with design team to develop audio-based puzzles and feedback systems.

  • Crafted various sound effects and soundscapes.

  • Conducted various recording sessions for both foley and VO

  • Utilized various functionalities within FMOD and the Unity Engine to create an adaptive and dynamic soundscape.


Maravillian Canopy (Day)


Maravillian River (Night)

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