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ROLES: Level Design, Narrative Design

2018 - 2019

    Plasticity is a cinematic puzzle platformer currently being produced by USC Games. Players assume the role of Noa, a young girl searching for a new home in her plastic-ridden world. The project is currently being developed in the Unity Game Engine.

    Plasticity conveys its narrative entirely though environmental storytelling. Throughout the game, Noa faces numerous challenges with multiple methods of overcoming them: some that are sustainable and others that are not. Both allow the player to progress through the game, but some will have a negative impact on the environments they leave behind. Players then return to the same locations ten years later, witnessing the impacts of their choices on the world.

Key Development Features:

  • Worked with a design team of 3 people alongside an entire development team of 30 members.

  • Created interactive diagrams that seamlessly communicate the progression of puzzles through animation.

  • Greyboxed puzzles and scaffolding using the Unity Engine and ProBuilder.

  • Collaborated frequently with both Usability and Narrative departments to iterate design off playtest data and narrative arcs.


Flooded Town Puzzle Diagram


City Puzzle Diagram


Flooded Town Initial Greybox

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 1.23.17 AM.png

City Puzzle Greybox


Flooded Town Puzzle (1).gif

Flooded Town Sustainable

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