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    HAUNT is an asymmetrical tabletop game developed for USC's Game Design Workshop. One player assumes the role of the powerful Ghost while the remainder play as Teenagers attempting to vanquish the evil spirit.


ROLES: Systems Designer

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    "No one knows how long the Carter-Bennett Mansion has remained on the Northeastern hill outside of town, but those who seek the answers often meet with a terrible fate. They say a horrifying spirit resides within the confines of the estate, and will end the lives of all who enter. Morgan Rivers was no exception.

    She and her five closest friends hadn’t been together since Elementary School, and Morgan was determined to rekindle their friendship. She proposed the group meet together and sneak into the Carter-Bennett Mansion; something they had always wished to do since childhood. Unfortunately, the five friends bailed on the night they planned to meet, leaving Morgan alone outside the Mansion’s entrance. Thinking the others had already gone inside, she crept into the Mansion’s chambers, never to return.

    Now the five teens must band together to avenge their friend’s passing, and defeat the spirit that had taken Morgan Rivers’s life."

Key Development Features:

  • Developed an asymmetrical tabletop experience with a team of four members.

  • Designed systems that create randomized objectives for the Teenagers at the start of the game, making every round feel unique from the last. 

  • Balanced various gameplay mechanics and character traits, including special abilities for each Teenager and powerful "HAUNT" event cards for the Ghost.

  • Conducted playtests and documented findings for future design adaptations.

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Item/Objective Cheat Sheet

Game Board


Brad Role Card (Healthy)

Amy Role Card (Injured)

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