Embark on your journey as an aspiring wildlife photographer in this 3D puzzle adventure game for PC and the Nintendo Switch. Starting as a student project at USC, Beasts of Maravilla Island quickly evolved into a fully realized experience, funding at 250% of its initial goal on Kickstarter.

ROLES: Lead Audio Designer, Composer

A game about hardships, healing, and the passage of time. Chiccolo is a 2D cinematic puzzle platformer that tells the story of a small creature's journey to aid a powerful spirit. Chiccolo must use his newfound powers to not only solve puzzles, but confront the traumas of his past.

ROLES: Sole Author

Published by USC Games, Plasticity is a cinematic puzzle platformer about the aftermath of mass-scale plastic pollution. Players assume the role of Noa, a young child in search of a new home, and must make decisions that will shape the future of Noa's rapidly changing environment.

ROLES: Level Designer, Narrative Designer, Audio Engineer

Created through USC Games and the Berklee College of Music, Elementary is a rhythm turned-based RPG about two students harnessing the power of music to defeat their villainous principle. Players must perform actions in beat with the music to save their fellow students and their school.

ROLES: Creative Director, Composer

Created for USC's Game Design Workshop, HAUNT is an asymmetrical tabletop game where one player performs as a powerful ghost, and the remaining play as teenagers. The teens must vanquish the vengeful spirit, or risk being trapped in the Carter-Bennett Mansion forever.

ROLES: Systems Designer

You take a seat at the far end of the local pub. Next to you is Neon Ball, a mysterious neon sign that acts as a pinball machine. Sit back, grab a few beers, and see how high you can score in this captivating adaptation of a classic arcade game.

ROLES: Sole Author

Combining two classic video game titles, "Space Invaders ...Kinda" remixes both Taito's Space Invaders and Namco's Galaga into an entirely new  gameplay experience. Developed with the GamingLibrary JDK, the game features all new power-ups, firing mechanics, and deadly bosses.

ROLES: Sole Author


Deep within an ancient cavern, the Diamond of the Earth reposes near the treasure trove of the Pirate King. The player must utilize the powers of frost and flame to overcome puzzles and collect treasures in this atmospheric puzzle platformer.

ROLES: Composer

Dude, Where's My Signal!?

Created in 48 hours for the 2018 Global Game Jam, "Dude, Where's My Signal!?" allows players to control various animals to aid a businessman with a very important interview. When his phone signal dies out in the woods, it is up to the forest (and other) creatures to save the day!

ROLES: Audio Designer, Composer

Developed for the GameJolt #JarJarJam, The Gungan Tryst tasks you with persuading the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks into joining the Sith. The original soundtrack adapts to how successful your persuasion techniques are, so use it to your malicious advantage.

ROLES: Composer

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