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ROLES: Co-Author, Music Composition


    Elementary is a turned-based RPG combined with rhythm game mechanics. Players control Alex and Layton, two Elementary School children who have a passion for music, and use their talents to free their classmates from the control of the villainous school principal Mr. Greg.

    The game uses a custom-made audio engine within Unity. This engine sync all animations, functions, and inputs to an event system based off the progression of the music. It also allows for the game to break a musical cue into sections, and jump between sections on command. An example of this is after a player attacks, the music skips to the next section of the cue, since player attacks produce a cadence that fits harmonically with the music currently playing.


Key Development Features:

  • Designed a unique combat system that features rhythm-based user inputs. 

  • Programmed a custom audio engine within Unity.

  • Collaborated with an additional external composer to create a full soundtrack.

  • Created various character sprites with multiple sets of unique animations. (1).gif

First Combat Systems Test


Character Sprite Sample


Partner Combat System Tests

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