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ROLES: Sole Author

2018 - Present

    Chiccolo is an in-production puzzle platformer that allows players to slow time in order to navigate the environment and solve puzzles. The game is currently being developed in the Unity Game Engine.

    Chiccolo started as a small project used for testing the possibilities of Unity's Animation System, and experimenting with a basic character controller. After polishing simple walk/run/jump animation cycles, I expanded the sandbox used to showcase the character's movements, eventually leading to basic physics puzzles and heavily detailed terrain. Today the game is being developed into a short demo of its mechanics and concepts, and is planned for release during 2021.

Key Development Features:

  • Designed numerous puzzles and tutorials that scaffold character controls and time manipulation. 

  • Created a custom physics system that allows for more impactful timescale manipulation. This includes effects on physics objects, lighting, audio and more.

  • Programmed various tools, including a 2D Terrain Editor, custom IK systems, a VFX manager along with multiple custom shaders, and custom menu systems.


Custom IK System


Current Walk Animation Cycle


Development of the Time Slow shader effect

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.25.08 AM.png

Base Environment

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 11.52.36

Chiccolo Slowing Time

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