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Kyle van Wiltenburg

Video Game and Audio Developer

My work focuses on bridging the gap between various disciplines within video game development, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in immersive media. My backgrounds in game design, audio, and software engineering give me an extensive skillset that can be utilized in almost any game project.


From cinematic puzzle platformers to AAA live-ops, I have been involved with countless projects over the years. I strive to enhance the player experience with every mechanic, system, and sound I create. Explore the various titles I have worked on, and learn how I push them to new heights while maintaining their core pillars.

I have a vast repertoire of original compositions. When creating an original piece of music, I use a set of emotional goals as the foundation, then build upon said foundation throughout the writing process. Music is such a unique and vital aspect to any medium, so I have made great strides to perfect my art of composing music for any game and context.

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